Honda GLR125 1WH CBF125 Spares

Used Parts Availability for Honda GLR125 1WH CBF125
Rear wheel with FREE tyre, brake disc cush drive rubbers, sprocket, sprocket carrier and spacer £49.99
Exhaust system £45
Centre stand main stand assembly £29
Set of yokes top and bottom yoke with bearings nuts and bolts £49.99
Rear mudguard rear fender indicators number plate light £30.00
Complete engine 5178 miles JC64E £428.00
Petrol tank fuel tank gas tank £75.00
Left hand side panel fairing 83640-KPN £19.99
Nose cone front fairing cowl £48.00
RH dual footrest foot rest hanger bracket £23.00
Fuel pump petrol pump fuel level sender £25.00
Rear chain guard chain case £18.00
Rear brake lever rear brake pedal £20.00
Gear change lever £25.00
Complete dual seat £35.00
Frame no v5 or ID £50.00
Complete front brake assembly caliper master cylinder £40.00
Front wheel speedo drive £18.00
Battery carrier battery holder battery tray £15.00
Job lot relays tilt switch brake switch stand switch £20.00
Ignition coil with HT lead and spark plug cap £15.00
Regulator rectifier SH853 AA £30.00
CDI unit ECU IC Ignitor PGM FI unit 38770-KPN-E02 £30.0
Grab handle £20.00
Throttle cables clutch cable £10.00
Fuel injector throttle body assembly £35.00
Rear fairing tail fairing panels assembly £30.00
Tail light rear light £18.00
Headlight £44.00
Clocks speedo tacho with surround £60.00
Right hand switch gear handle bar switch £18.00
Left hand switch gear handle bar switch CBF125 £18.00
Main wiring loom wiring harness 32100-KNP-E00 £35.00
LH dual footrest foot rest hanger bracket £23.00
Air box £16.00