Yamaha XJ6N

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Engine: 0cc 4-Stroke
Price: £ P.O.A
Regulator rectifier SH713AA 5SL-81960-00 £14.00

Job lot various relays starter solenoid tilt switch £12.00

Front wheel spindle axel and spacers 20S-25181-00 £10.00

Rear brake master cylinder and reservoir £18.00

Rear brake caliper and mounting bracket 20S-2580W £27.00

Rear light with bracket and loom 20S-84710-00 £14.00

RH side fairing panel 20S-21741-00 £12.00

LH side fairing panel 20S-21731-00 £12.00

LH front brake caliper with mounting bracket £30.00

RH front brake caliper with mounting bracket £30.00

Handle bar switch gear FREE throttle tube cables £15.00

Throttle bodies and injectors assembly TPS £40.00

Ignition coil assembly for 2 + 3 cylinders £11.00

Ignition coil assembly for 4 + 1 cylinders £11.00

Headlight cover cowl 20S-23131-00 £12.00

Water pipes coolant hoses air hoses and clips £10.00

RH seat fairing panel 20S-21721-00 £19.00

LH seat fairing panel 20S-21711-00 £20.00

Rear chain guard 20S-22311-00 £12.00
All bikes are offered on an as is basis for the home mechanic or enthusiast